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So far, so good. Not so welcome are the presence of the now obligatory anti social options, allowing you to bug your friends by spamming their Twitter or Facebook feeds with news of your progress. Fortunately, it's entirely optional. More interesting is the excellent new Challenge Mode, which offers four familiar pre-defined scenarios, and tasks managers with meeting their stringent objectives - such as saving a bunch of strugglers from relegation halfway through a season or coping with an injury crisis. For the purposes of handheld play, these snack-sized portions of managerial meddling work brilliantly, and help negate the tedious faffing that often goes with getting a game up and running.

Another trumpeted 'new' addition allows you to play the game 'mirrored' on a big screen via Airplay over Apple TV, providing you have an iPhone 4S or iPad 2. Unfortunately - unlike, say, Real Racing 2 - the game doesn't resize itself to take advantage of your p display, but merely replicates what you're already seeing on the device. This was also possible on the previous iOS iteration, so it's misleading for SI to call it a new feature. It's also worth mentioning that the game's 2D match engine bizarrely suffers from noticeable slowdown on iPhone 4S but runs smoothly on iPad 2, while the iPad version simply scales up what you see on the iPhone and feels held back as a result.

On the plus side, if you have multiple iOS devices, you can play the game on one and continue it on another using the same saved game. It has more or less all the leagues you could conceivably wish for, a simple, uncluttered interface, all the transfer and strategic depth you need, and just enough media, player, staff and board interaction. The 'full fat' version continues to dominate the scene on PC and Mac and it's the least shocking revelation of the year to learn that the version is officially quite good.

Actually, that's a lie - it's the most complete simulation of everything connected to the business of football management imaginable. If you're an out-of-work footy manager and you're jonesing for some action, this is as close to the real thing as getting flecked with spittle by an irate Ken Bates after a reverse to your local rivals.

At this juncture it would be easy to pad out the word count by parroting the features of FM , so I won't do that. There are millions of them, as there are every season. You know that, and you can look the headline changes up even quicker than I can reword them. More interesting is the fact that Sports Interactive is gradually getting better at interface design, and as a result manages to make the statistical meddling more like browsing the internet or doing your email than ever.

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There's still a ridiculous amount of depth, but it's much more apparent where the basic fundamentals are these days. It's also fairly straightforward to delegate, and the role of the assistant is greatly amplified. That said, the result is that he's like a nagging spouse, continually tut-tutting about your lacklustre training regime and coming up with often useless scouting suggestions.

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The man-management and media interaction are now as much of a priority as the actual match itself, with the full spectrum of moods on offer giving you a chance to be as big an egomaniac bully or cuddly uncle as you want to be, and instant feedback giving you a clear idea whether your tantrums are having the desired effect. This constant ego-massaging has turned FM into as much of a mind-game as a matter of putting more balls in the net than the opposition - but, crucially, it does add a welcome splash of RPG colour to what would otherwise be a simple team sheet preparation exercise.

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Continuing improvements to the 3D match engine also help drag it kicking and screaming into the present, although it's still a long way short of FIFA Manager in that regard. But, frankly, sod that. The dogged purist in me prefers to see the match unfold via elaborate text commentary, rather than see the painful truth of my tactical inadequacies laid bare. I bought a CD game, not some download Everything worked fine since friday and I didn't change anything and all of a sudden it doesn't work anymore.

Not good There was no need to uninstall, you just have to be patient with the updates. If you leave Steam for a few minutes and look in your Steam game library, you should be able to see whether it's downloading the files or not. I tried to get on it, nothing, tried to quit Steam, got told I needed to quit FM first but couldnt.

I 'verify game integrity' or whatever it was, and now the FM logo pops up in my dock finally, but instantly I get an error message and bang, it goes off again. A Mac User.. I have been trying to get my football manager to work through Steam. Every time I tried starting, a window will pop-out saying "All files successfully validated" and then another window pop-out saying "The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes". I have tried everything from restarting the comp, restarting steam, verify integrity etc. Please help.

How to install football manager 2012 + 2013 Skidrow Patch Keygen MAC+Windws

Much appreciated. I am on the same situation as everyone here. Tried everything said. Except I did not delete or uninstalled anything As suggested, I have been patient for one hour. But no download starts. Am I not being patient enough?

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I'm in the exact same boat as everyone here Hendo9 explained it perfectly Look for "fm" or "Football Manager v If you see "fm" it means that the game has not launched or initialised itself properly, but this can sometimes hang in memory for some reason, and this appears to interfere with Steam even if you restart it. Once you've done then, then restart Steam and see how you get on. From there, you may need to verify your cache once again.

If you don't have "fm" or some form of FM, simply kill the "Steam" process and then relaunch Steam. What happens exactly when you select "Play" from within Steam? Does the pop-up box that says it's launching stay visible or does it disappear? Are you pressing "Play" several times, or just the once?

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When i click play the launch box pops up for like a second and just disappears, and I'm only clicking once. Steam shows up in my Activity Monitor but not fm, when I try to quit Steam it tells me fm is running when it clearly isn't FootballManager[] Exited with code: 1. Those of you who are getting the 'Cannot quit Steam as FM is Running' message, you can force Steam to quit by right clicking the Steam icon in your dock and holding 'alt' before pressing 'Force Quit'. Personally speaking I've done the force quit and restart Steam option, and restart Mac, a number of times with no success.

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