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I would like to run a speed test to see what we are actually getting out of the service and experiment connecting to the service through hard wire ethernet connection, throught the wireness network provided through the Google Fiber Network Box, and also through our wireless home network utilizing our However I had previously decided not to install Adobe Flash Player on our iMac and all of the speed test sites I've come across require flash player. Posted on Feb 1, Install Flash Player.

You can disable it after doing the checking. The latest version has all the necessary controls. It's a viable tool. Posted on Feb 1, 1: Feb 1, 2: As an alternative to installing Flash - you can install Google Chrome which includes its own Flash plugin.

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It does not install Flash on the computer as a whole. Feb 1, 3: I do find however that it appears to report somewhat higher speeds than any of the Flash based speed tests, so I don't necessarily trust it completely. Page content loaded. Feb 1, 1: Feb 1, 4: Thanks WZZZ. Appreciate it. Have you ever heard of any security issues from speed test websites?

Thanks Lyssa. I have thought about installing Chrome for the very purpose of the Flash plug-in. I've also read that Chrome is a pretty secure browser. Maybe its time for me to try that out. Feb 1, 5: Thanks for the response.

I didn't know Flash was easy to disable, once on your machine. I hear it's not as bad as Java, but is something to be careful with on your machine; and also is problematic in causing machine crashes and just being finicky in general. I've been trying to impart on my wife the importance of security while browsing, and it seems there are lots of phony Flash Player update links lurking around out there.

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Plug-ins are one of the biggest security breaches as I understand, with Java and Flash being two of the big ones. It may not be worth it for me, just for a speed test. I will first try the alternative speed test site and may consider installing Chrome. My download speed was 1. My Windows laptop is connecting at 15 or 16 consistently.

The Speed Test requires Adobe® Flash® Player 8.0 or higher.

Here is a screen shot of the speed test. Well, I never got a Browse button to select the image to insert. I bought it from Cox so that it would definitely be compatible with Cox service. I'm using Snow Leopard on my MacBook. It is an Intel core duo with 4G ram. Thanks for the info.

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I did a little digging and it seems that a few people across different ISPs had trouble with their Macs and a new Netgear router. If there was any thing in the DNS section that you had to remove, try the test again. You should be able to receive speeds at the same rate as your other PC on the network. If you do not, and you are connected via Wireless, you can also check the Router settings to see what rate the wifi is set too. While most routers manufactured in the last few years are compatible with the faster rate There are 3 numbers in the DNS space but they are grey and I can't click them.

I'm using my Windows laptop to upload a screen shot of my Network and Netgear settings. I really appreciate your help.

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When I called in for help I called Netgear who told me to call Cox who told me to call Netgear who told me to call Cox who told me to call Apple. So, thank you for your help. I don't think posting this photo is putting me in any danger. Email Address. The Robservatory Robservations on everything….

Rob Griffiths. Mar 14 ' Run the speedtest, capture the output.

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