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After some research, I have reason to believe that these lipsticks, in particular, contain things that are not exactly healthy to put on your face or lips! I will leave my original reviews up and mostly unedited, but keep in mind the drama and problems that revolve around doing business with this brand! The last thing I want to do is encourage my readers to buy something that will end up getting your credit or debit card information stolen and potentially mess with your life and credit! Lime Crime Velvetines seem to be the most wanted type of lipstick these days, and for good reason!

Touch-proof, transfer-proof, long-wearing and utterly addictive!

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Velvetines come in a tube like most lip glosses do, and have a doe foot applicator similar to the ones found in MAC Lipglass, but with a much smoother texture. Photo taken outdoors in natural sunlight. Velvetines swatched on NC15 skin. The texture is smooth and not sticky at all, applying very easily. Color payoff is super intense, and coverage is just as great, giving full coverage will little product applied.

I got over 8 hours of wear with this and only noticed fading in the center of my lip after eating and drinking something. This color did have a bit of that weird smell, but not as strong as it was with some of the other colors.

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It went away once it was dry. Rich and velvety, like petals of a rose. The texture of Red Velvet was not too thick, but not too runny, just like the rest of the Velvetines. It applied very evenly. Color payoff is awesome, as is coverage.

Lime Crime Wicked Dupes

There was some staining with Red Velvet, so even when it did fade in a few spots, it was hard to tell. This shade had less of a weird smell than some of the other Velvetines. The texture for Salem was great, but perhaps a bit thinner than some of the other Velvetines, but still applied well.

Color payoff was great, as usual! Coverage was also fully opaque, except for in the center of the lip, which is common with a lot of lipsticks, but was more significant with Salem than with some of the other Velvetines. I suspect it has to do with the slightly thinner texture, though. Like the other lipsticks in this review, I only had some fading in the center of my lips, but otherwise I got well over 8 hours of wear. This is one of those shades that had a funkier smell than the more reddish or pink colored Velvetines.

Color payoff was perfect, as well as coverage. This is starting to sound repetitive, but at least these are all consistent! I got over 8 hours of wear with Suedeberry, only noticing some fading in the center of the lip after a little while. Like Red Velvet, it stained very lightly, so when it did fade, it was hardly noticeable.

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Once I receive all of my Shiro goodies I'll make a post with all of the swatches! Here's a look I did today with I Tried right now I'm using my iPhone camera, so it's not the greatest picture, but once I get an actual camera my pictures will look better, promise! Go get your cosmetic bags! Other products available as well. I know theres a lot of debate about Lime Crime, a lot of people don't like the company's customer service or people just plain don't like the CEO Doe Deere. I honestly tend to ignore that stuff until it directly affects me.

I love the velvetines from Lime Crime, they come in such pretty colours and they are super matte, my favourite! I find it a little tough to apply super cleanly along the corners of my mouth but its nothing a little concealer can't fix. The lid is red with painted pink and white roses and the Lime Crime initials on the top of the lid. Basic, solid and pretty. I definitely recommend these! Life's Entropy is a new indie makeup company that has eyeshadows, contour sticks and lip theory's which are a great dupe for OCC's lip tars.

They are a science themed company. All of their products are high quality at a really affordable price. It's also a bonus that their packaging is just as high quality. Their products are vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and paraben free. I bought the blogger pack to review, so here we go! The package, so cute! Wrapped in twine with a dried flower. Back of the package, as I said above I got the blogger pack. All my goodies! Cute little box that the full sized shadow comes in Shadow! They are all so glittery and pretty, and have a buttery texture that applys really easily.

Very nice. There are tons of colour options for everyone. Very cool way of applying contour. The little applicator that comes with the full sized product is great, it evenly applies the product and doesn't soak up a lot of the product. I would definitely recommend them to people, especially science lovers.

My only critique is that my free sample shadow was one that I requested to sample Astral Imprisonment and it's a great colour so I'm glad I have more than a regular sample, but I wish that they took the care like other indies do and give you a colour that would go with the colours that you ordered.

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Lifes Entropy takes such care with the packaging and formulas of their products, that one thing would just put them even more above other companies. I very rarely wear mascara without lashes, so as long as it's fast drying and non-clumping I don't really care if it doesn't add volume, length or curl to my lashes. But today I was having a horrible makeup day my eyeshadow was just not working with me today. So I figured today would be a good day to test out this mascara. I haven't noticed any flaking or fallout at all. After After After Bonus: My fotd.

Hi everyone, This is my face of the day from yesterday. I really loved my makeup and I wanted to share this silvery-gray smoky eye and berry lip, which is perfect for fall my favourite season! Hello Waffle is a Canadian yeaaaaa Canadian!

Matte Velvetines

She is based out of Quebec and named her store after her cat Waffle. I've ordered from Hello Waffle before and I really enjoy her cosmetics. I ordered the Blogger Pack, so let the review begin!

I swatched them all over glitter glue and only one swipe of shadow. So amazing! They are really great. Simple and effective. Beautiful colours! I have no critique for them! I bought the amazingly beautiful lipstick from Anna Sui, the bullet is amazing, the packaging is to die for. I love the uniqueness and intricateness of the packaging.