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Do you know how to fix this? Is there a reason for this or have I done something wrong? Thank you! Not sure how The Sims 3 disappeared, or the paper with the code, but it is currently installing! Ugh thank you SOOO much!! Any hints? You need to look for where the Preference files are stored for Medieval. Have a look in there for the Medieval files and then enter the file path in Terminal. I was having the disc authorisation failure notice just like everyone else, so I followed your instructions and uninstalled the game. Contact EA. I did this, but when I tried to redeem the product code it said that it has already been used it has, by me.

I was looking for a way that I can play without the DVD itself. I have been searching everywhere to find my serial key for about 2 years. Finally found it, im so happy that I almost cried. Thank you sooo much. Terminal is an app that you open then follow the instructions. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Rate this:. Like this: Like Loading Notice the. Found it. Thank you so much — I thought I would have to buy the games again! Buy a legitimate copy?

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I would have never found my serial number without this. Thank you so much!!! AH thank you! This saved me a lot of time! If you downloaded it you should have the serial key via email, from when you bought it? It says No such file or directory Like Like. Reg from the original version which was deleted but how do I determine the serial key from that as nothing in the file looks to be the serial key format :S Like Like.

The serial key is in the System. Reg, down near the bottom. I need to get another poduct code, how do it do that? What should I do? Found it straight away! Thank you thank you thank you!! It is not a native program, that is, it's not built to run on OS X. Instead it has a self-contained emulator that runs the PC game code.

There are some quirks that come along with this, such as the CC hair problem, which didn't exist until an early patch "fixed" the Mac's versions graphics so that lighting and shadows looked more like the native PC version. The CC hair problem is essentially that 3rd party hairstyles do not work consistently, and when they don't work they look terrible. Basically, sometimes you might start up your game and they will all be there and looking normal, but the next time the actual hair texture will be missing and your Sims will instead be bald. You'll find a lot of theories here about how to fix it, but no one has found a way to really fix it for good.

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To give you some perspective, this has been an issue since August For the most part, EA-created hair works perfectly fine. The only issue I've noticed is with a specific female hairstyle that came with Ambitions, where if I zoom out really far the hair essentially disappears, but comes back when I zoom in.

As for battery life, you are going to want to stay near an outlet if you play for long periods of time. The game is a resource hog and will kill your battery in a very short time. Another fun thing is that when you first install the game on a Mac, it is going to pester you about right clicking. On a trackpad, click with two fingers. You have right click! That got a little rambley, sorry. Hope it helps! BluebellFlora Posts: 7, Member. If you can, go for a 15" MacBook Pro. They have both integrated and dedicated graphics cards.

Your Mac should switch over to the dedicated when you play TS3 so you will get better graphics. Definitely use some kind of cooling device underneath when you play. They get hot! SimpleBee Posts: Either will be good I think. I have the Macbook, and it works fine for me.

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But then again, I'm not planning on putting any other games onto this laptop lol. This is strictly for Sims only!! I'm not sure what the default settings are right now, but I've not had to lower them at all, the graphics are great.

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You can actually enable right click, instead of having to use two fingers all of the time. One part of the trackpad would be for left click and another part for right click. Personally, I always play the Sims3 whilst the charger is plugged in. Otherwise two-and-a-half hours, maybe 3 is what you'll get without. Make sure when you play its on a hard surface like a desk, otherwise it'll probs end up over-heating and crashing. MelanieSimlish Posts: 4, Member.

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WinMacSims3 wrote:. The better the specs the better off you'll be. I recently sold my well equipped iMac because TS3 lagged far too much for my standards. Keep in mind the upcoming Sims Medieval will probably tax your system even more so, if you have any interest in purchasing it. I'd cancel that pre-order if you can, if you're just going to buy the DVD copy as well. Don't throw good money after bad!

Though, also remember that you have the option of continuing to play on Windows, even with a Mac, through Boot Camp. Although doing it is a pain and Windows plum. But it's possible. Allison Posts: 9. I loooove my macbook pro! It's been great for The Sims 3. It might be a little pricey to get just for The Sims 3.