Minecraft how to install portal gun mod 1.3.2 mac

Forum Website. This is a dimension-adding API that works on both the client and server. It is simple and straightforward for modders to use, while at the same time it maximizes the possible customizations they can make to their dimensions. Provides a set of flexible and powerful drawing and animation tools for mods to use. Gives mod authors the ability to draw in the game world itself without having to mess with OpenGL contexts, finding a render hook, or other tedious details.

A tool for mod makers to make SMP mods. Some mods need this to be installed for SMP mods to work e. Easy creation of blocks that can be mounted by entities e. A mod manager that will work on any Minecraft version. MyCraft can load any mod, except for patcher style mods, and keep them organized without ever modifying the Minecraft jar. MyCraft also contains built-in mods for proxying, changing render options and flying, which are made with the API.

An API that adds a block called transfuser which is a block that can smelt 2 objects into 1, TAPI also allows people to add their own recipes using the SetFusion method. Turbo Model Thingy is a collection of classes that make it possible to create more advanced shapes in Minecraft.

Adds new ways to construct your models. Trapezoid shapes, 3D sprites and even more complicated shapes, like spheres, or even cylinders. The mod is required for various new contents mods to work, including flan's mods and Hot Air Balloons. FiniteLiquid is a complete rewrite for Minecraft's water physics. With FiniteLiquid installed, water will now have actual volume and simulated water pressure. Water will now react more realistically with the environment. The mod also adds pumps, pipes, grates, and an assortment of other tools that will help you interact with the new physics.

Removes the delay from the "You died! There is also another version that simply moves the "Title screen" button and resizes it. Tired of jungle biomes spawning so much? This mod prevents them from spawning, yet the blocks and items are still available through TooManyItems and the creative inventory. Replaces the FontRenderer class so that text is coloured and postiioned correctly. Includes ThVortex's Unicode Positioning Fix, and a number of enhancements to the styling of bold text, format tracking, and transparent text shadows.

Includes Optifine and by extension of which HD Fonts support. Mostly for the benefit of Intel GMa 9xx users. Optifine recommended. A simple mod that in version 1. Dozens of the best mods ever in one download on Arrrg's system at least. A compilation of the best mods made for multiplayer.

Designed to make playing Minecraft online much easier. Hectic Craft.

Ever thought of playing forge mods? Well here is DevPack! I'm not sure about Linux.

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Ever thought of playing forge mods with your friends? Popular mods from Popular mod packs with a touch of other popular mods. A simple, easy to use mod pack that improves your Minecraft experience without changing it too much. The modpack that takes you to the stars! A compilation of industrial mods to give Minecraft a more advanced feel.

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Note: Yogbox now requires the Technic Launcher. AdventureCraft is a total conversion for Minecraft, which turns the game into a pure adventure mode in which players cannot place or destroy blocks. AllCraft lets you craft unobtainable items without inventory editors or commands.

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  7. Adds a friends list that allows players to separate friends from foes with custom name tags, optional friendly-fire, ability to see others' health and communicate across multiple servers with internet relay chat. This mod will use the fonts installed on your system for drawing text instead of the builtin bitmap fonts that come with Minecraft.

    Better Gold is a mod that makes gold better than iron, but worse than diamond. BetterMaps makes improvements to maps, including recipes to make maps line up with one another. In Minecraft, having to go back and fix blocks that you accidentally placed or destroyed is time-consuming and annoying. BuildRegion is a user interface enhancement mod, designed to help you avoid these little accidents. BuildRegion can also help you plan structures, giving you a dynamic blueprint right there in the world. You can create and edit your books and craft pre-written books to read.

    Optional custom image for every pre-written book. Perfect for instruction manuals, RPG stories, or just the good ol' fan fic. Convenient Inventory aims at speeding up inventory management by giving the player many additional features, such as: Move.

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    A mod that allows you to craft Diamonds and Gold and all that good stuffs. Infinite lava source mod recommended, will help a lot with the crafting. Makes Creeper more or less explode. Will not be updated past 1. Drakus Fett. This mods highlights the blocks powered by redstone so that redstone connections are easier to understand.

    You'll have a society of Testificates at your disposal! The question is: will you be a kind ruler, or a vengeful one? This mod, as the name suggests, makes all pigs on vanilla minecraft fly.


    They will drop extra pork as a reward for killing them as they are much more difficult to find and kill. This mod adds the phenomenon of freerunning to Minecraft, slightly inspired by Assassin's Creed.

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    Adds a very nice effect to block rendering, adding curves and depth to everything. This mod makes nether portals "bleed" out nether into the over world.

    Installing Minecraft Mods

    Nether portals can be contained with gravel, smooth stone, clay, ores and precious blocks. The effect is quite dramatic and is hard to reverse once started. The leaked nether will also corrupt mobs in the overworld into nether mobs. Allows for an X-Ray use that allows the player to see through dirt, stone, gravel, Etc. Has a brightener that makes the light level 15 for the player and a Cave Finder, that views all nearby caves.

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