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AppleGraphicsControl 2. AppleBacklight AppleIntelYonahProfile 14 com. AppleIntelPenrynProfile AppleIntelNehalemProfile AppleIntelMeromProfile AppleIRController BootCache AppleBCMEthernet 3. AppleSmartBatteryManager AirPortBrcm43xx AirPortBrcm AppleUSBHub 4. AppleRTC 1. AppleHPET 1. AppleAPIC 1. AppleProfileReadCounterAction 17 com. IOBluetoothSerialManager 2. IOSerialFamily DspFuncLib 2. AppleProfileTimestampAction 10 com. You might want to create a new Programming Page to save your mapping afterwards.

My current setup for Super Meat Boy looks like this and can be downloaded here again happy for feedback if sharing programming pages works proper :. For testing the current configuration you can just press the buttons of the controller and look for glowing ON switches to see if everything is working correctly. The trial version of ControllerMate is limited to map 10 Single Key BB as far as I have seen, when adding another block, it looks like this.

This is a very nice trial model imo as you can really test the functionality before buying it. This way you can store an infinite amount of configurations, even in the trial version. Due to an unfixable bug in the Mac version, we don't support controllers on Mac. I do apologize for this. The bug is unfixable because I can't again risk killing everyones game with another update. The game incorrectly assumes that no more than 12 buttons will ever be on a controller.

This is mainly true, however Mac controller drivers map the JoyHAT as 4 different buttons it seems, which makes it so you can't map B X and Y properly. This also messes up the start and select buttons. It was a mistake on my part. I am sorry about this, do know that it is fixed in our new engine for game 2. Also, non Xbox controllers appear to work fine.

Joy2Key esque programs may remedy this issue, but it has not been tested by me.

Again, we are sorry about this. You can now customize the controls of Meatboy himself. This customization only applies to Meat Boy since it's the most important aspect of the game. There is a file in the install directory called "buttonmap. I was quite tired. So it works like this.

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There are two sections in the file, keyboard and gamepad. So you lefties that wanted WASD, here you go. The config file is case sensitive, so just make sure its all lower case. Some buttons that do not have alphanumeric represtation have special names like:. For instance, the default is set to 1 and 3, which correspond to A and X on the Xbox gamepad.

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We only support up 10 button codes, so if your controller's buttons map to numbers above that we can't support it. There is another option called useanalog. This is set to true by default. This property allows the game to use the joystick as the dpad. If you are experiencing weirdness, set this to false and it will disable it.

Super Meat Boy - Mac

The best way is to email me a crash dump and to send an email through our contact us form. Twitter also works though I'll just ask you to email me if the problem can't be solved immediately. That's about it.

Super Meat Boy - 8 эпизод (Welcome to HELL)

This should fix every problem we are able to fix with the Mac port. Again I appreciate the patience and I'm sorry the Mac port was delayed so long and had a rough start.

There's a super long story to all of this, why it took long, blah blah blah, but it's moot. I actually wasn't supposed to do the port but we had some issues at the last minute and Super Tommy had to come to the rescue He needs to work on something other than Meat Boy. Ok, so this post comes very very late, but apparently, the Humble team are helping Refenes with the Mac and Linux ports of the game, especially since the former is still somewhat broken on various Macs and the latter was never released on Steam for Linux.