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Seagate Champions. Software Downloads. A hard drive can be used on any type of computer - PC or Mac. Yes, that's not the issue.

The disk won't mount after. This is the error I get. As you can see, the disks are greyed out. Nov 23, 8: Hello jibberj, just bought a WD Element 2TB external hard drive and experiencing the same problem, with same error message. I have followed both Apple and WD formatting instructions but nothing works Nov 27, 9: Thank you David, I had actually a friend over this week-end and being an IT geek it sorted my troubles out in 2 min but he did some coding in the background I thought about doing it via command line in Terminal, but I was happy to see that David's solution worked.

Jan 19, 1: Actually, the screenshot you sent is exactly the one if you have not activated Show All Devices, but only the Show Only Volumes option in the View Dropdown there are subtle differences.

How to format your drive in macOS 10.11 and above

For example, you wouldn't see Macintosh HD, but the drive denomination, and not the used quantity , but the smart status, etc. So, as I see it, Eau Rouge was the right path form start on. Has High Sierra introduced as default the view volumes only option? Mar 4, 2: Mar 5, 4: Well, I guess to protect the users from themselves, although they got this deep. Absurd "windows-thinking" Mar 9, 8: Install it and run the program, then plug in your Seagate Drive.

You can then mount it in the app. After you mount it once, you can see it in the Finder again, and unmount it. When I plugged it back it, the hard drive mounted back to normal without having to go through the Paragon App. Mar 10, 6: Mar 17, 1: I had the same issue.

How To Backup Your Mac

Happened with two different new 4 TB Seagate drives. Solved the problem by using my old laptop which still runs Yosemite.

Formatting instructions

Oh, come on. Surely you know that's untrue.

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  7. In fact, even FAT16 allows long file names. In fact, even FAT12 allows "8. By default exFAT uses larger clusters, so if you transfer a lot of small files to it It may or may not be significant. I have a 8T external hard drive. It is currently formatted in the NTFS file system. Skip to main content. G-Technology 3. Related Articles. Buying Guide. Top Ten Laptops of the Year, Gift Guide for the Techy Tot.

    Seagate Backup Plus Desktop User Manual - Optional Formatting and Partitioning

    See In Sync. No, Not That One. Items discussed in article Pre-Format: