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Based originally on the interface and features from eJuice Me Up and other popular calculators, Juice Grinder extends these functions to be more powerful and time saving, as well as adding many very powerful features. No other mainline software offers this many flavor entry fields to allow you to customize your juice to the exact specifications you like.

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Integrate your Juice Grinder recipes with Batch Production for small shops producing their own eLiquid lines and individuals producing large volumes - the only software on the market that performs these functions! Juice Grinder's Commercial Addin feature package allows you to easily and quickly take your Juice Grinder Recipe and start batch production of it easily for your small shop or yourself - take your proven and known recipes, scale them up to big batches, and then dispense into same size bottles.

It's that quick and easy! Plus - additional features such as Cost calculation, Batch Ledger tracking and Shop Forms make it a snap to manage your batches and your business. Calculates all necessary ingredient amounts, in Batch Quantities, and provides different quantity types mL, gal, etc.

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Set individual ingredients costs, production and testing costs, etc. Includes Markup feature for price setting. Ledger databases feature offers ability to save and track all batch production information, batch costs, etc.

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A DIY E-Liquid calculator that includes weight in grams , and doesn't omit any details in its calculations. I found other calculators to be either inaccurate, less than user-friendly, clunky, hard to understand, lacking weight or weight configurations, only ran on a specific platform that I don't use, or many of the above.

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  5. So I built an e-juice calculator that tries to be everything that the others aren't and above all, highly accurate. License: MIT By using this app you are accepting the license agreement. I needed a calculator on OSX that included mixing by weight, and couldn't find anything so I wrote this. A lot goes into the calculations of mixing e-juice and I noticed how certain calculators didn't do the math right, calculated certain things backwards, or just didn't include certain variables in the totals. All calculations have been verified multiple times, but if you think that a calculation might be faulty be sure to let me know!

    DIY Calculator for Mac

    The calculations can be viewed in the javascript source, but I'll also summarize it here when I get the time to write them out in non-js. Drops Drops per ML. Square Cash:.

    If you'd like to contact me, shoot me a PM on reddit. About I needed a calculator on OSX that included mixing by weight, and couldn't find anything so I wrote this.