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By: Six Foot Three Foot. Homeworld in many ways defined the real-time strategy genre when it was released in What's so special about the Remastered Collection? Well, it gives you both the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2, as well as Homeworld Classic and its successor, alongside a Steam Multiplayer mode - that's a lot of Homeworlds.

Like other MOBAs, Heroes of the Storm is a five-on-five battle for map domination, as you team up to bash down the enemy's turrets before taking down their base It's loaded with StarCraft, Diablo, Warcraft, and Overwatch characters and is a lot more streamlined than others, making it the perfect first genre entry. And besides, all these MOBAs are free-to-play, so there's no harm in giving them all a shot.

The new Tomb Raider cribs some fundamentals from Sony's Uncharted and reintroduces the iconic heroine.

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It's pretty fantastic, delivering an epic, cinematic adventure through unforgiving wilds, pairing melee action with gunplay, stealth attacks, exploration, and a bit of puzzle-solving. It's one of the absolute best action experiences you'll find on Mac today. If you've never played Rocket League, it's basically futuristic, gravity-defying football - played in cars. Souped-up, shiny cars roaring around neon-lit arenas.

It's bright, brash and thoroughly playable. Expect multiplayer mayhem, richly rendered cartoon graphics and instantly addictive gameplay.

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There's a full single-player mode, but it's in the online 8-player games where Rocket League comes into its own. Your Mac might be a pristine, refined beauty of a computer, but it can be used to make a big ol' digital mess in Dirt Rally.

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Codemasters' series has typically delivered its rally racing with an arcade edge in recent years, but Dirt Rally skids back into serious simulation territory. Another masterful reworking of a 90s classic, Grim Fandango hits MacOS with new, hi-res textures, dynamic lighting and a live orchestral score, bringing Tim Schafer's sensational styling into the next-gen era.

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Following the story of Manny Calavera, employee of the Department of Death and travel agent to the dead, Fandango's macabre, film noir-feel made it an instant classic, which translates magically to Mac. IO Interactive's stealth assassin series lost a bit of steam over time, but with a new episodic format, the revived Hitman feels totally fresh and is an essential play for action fans.

Each episode of the now-complete first season offers up an entirely new sandbox environment full of missions, bonus objectives, and unique opportunities to plot your attack, and the entire package is a devious delight. This War of Mine took the gaming world by storm when it was released, and for good reason: playing as a group of civilians attempting to make it through each day in a beseiged, war-torn city, TWoM attempts to provide a real experience of war, from a previously-untold angle.

With a pace set by the day and night cycle, This War engrosses you in the horrible reality of war: every decision made will have unforgiving emotional impacts, as you struggle for shelter and survival from snipers and starvation. It requires an actual working knowledge of the physics behind getting a rocket into space: think thrust, payload delivery, stability, orbital paths and other impressive-sounding words. If astronautical engineering isn't really your bag, you needn't worry - most of the fun in KSP is to be had with designing ludicrous vessels just to see how far you can get.

There's also a morass of mods available on the web.

The best MacOS games you can play in 12222

If you don't already have this block-building sensation on your phone, tablet, or game console, then you ought to get it for Mac. And sure, the Mac crowd probably provides the smallest percentage of that tally, but that doesn't matter. Everyone's connected together.

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They're also all shooting at each other, as Fortnite 's massively popular approach drops players into a battle to the death within an ever-tightening area. Luckily, it's all fun and games: Fortnite 's colourful aesthetic and compelling quick-building mechanics give Epic's smash a unique feel and flow — one that's being enjoyed by millions upon millions of people daily.

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  • Sadly, the Mac doesn't have the new Shadow of the Tomb Raider — but it did recently get Rise of the Tomb Raider , which remains an excellent pick today. Rise sees young Lara Croft a bit more hardened after the sharp Tomb Raider reboot and off on another quest, exploring brilliant environments, climbing with ease, and jamming an ice pick into the face of a hapless foe or two. And while Tomb Raider pushed towards a more action-oriented approach, Rise allows for more stealth and stalking, giving you the choice on how you approach each encounter.

    Download Rise of the Tomb Raider from Steam. Treyarch's first-person shooter package is filled to the brim with blasty fun, whether you're into the futuristic, cinematic campaign, the online multiplayer shootouts, or the offbeat fun of the co-op Zombies mode. There's even a cheaper, multiplayer-only version if you're only into the core Call of Duty online experience, and you can always upgrade later. After creating FTL: Faster Than Light , one of the most brilliant strategic time sinks of the last several years, Subset Games is back with Into the Breach — and it's equally worth obsessing over.