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Here are the best we've found. If you're looking for a desktop Mac, see our iMac and Mac mini deals roundup. That's an 8-core 2.

  • MacBook Pro 2016 DEAL - Get 10% off ANY Apple laptop with this new discount code.
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This is 's 2. Here's a saving on the 13in MacBook Pro with 2. KRCS has a discount on the model. This is the Space Grey configuration, but you can also get the Silver model here. That's the top of the range model for not much more than the entry-level 15in. The discount used to be bigger though, so maybe wait a couple of weeks. John Lewis is offering money off the MacBook Air with this deal. You can get money off the Gold or Silver model, the Space Grey edition is more expensive.

But it is the cheapest Mac laptop you can get right now, and if you want a Mac laptop with a USB-A port, it's the only one. Although we would still suggest that you look at other options as this is a very old machine now. But as with the other Air deals, now that Apple's reduced pricing itself this deal's not as good as it was.

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You can get a Mac from Apple at much lower prices if you buy from the Refurbished Store. Apple will have thoroughly tested the model and will offer you a full warranty so it can be a great way to get a good deal. Find out more about Refurbished Macs here. No matter what kind of MacBook you're looking for, we'd recommend starting off with a list of the features and specs that are important to you and how much you'd like to spend.

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Don't be tricked into buying something you don't need because it seems like a good price, and be aware that some retailers have been known to be misleading about RRP to make a deal look better than it is. What makes a Mac a Mac?

Learn more about macOS. Learn more about iCloud. Built-in Apps Powerful creativity and productivity tools live inside every Mac — apps that help you explore, connect, and work more efficiently. Learn more about Photos. Learn more about iMovie.

MacBook Deals - Laptops get huge price drop ahead of major Apple event next week

Learn more about GarageBand. Learn more about Pages. Learn more about Numbers. Learn more about Keynote. Learn more about Safari. Logic Pro X.

Do Apple products go on sale for Black Friday?

Learn more about Logic Pro X. MainStage 3. Learn more about MainStage 3. Final Cut Pro X.

MacBook Deals - Laptops get huge price drop ahead of major Apple event next week

Learn more about Final Cut Pro X. Sure, you can buy a Windows PC for fewer up-front dollars. But the true cost of ownership should be calculated based on not only the acquisition cost, but the residual value after you sell it or trade it in. When you calculate the cost of ownership in that way, Macs win easily.

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All you have to do is compare the value of a Windows PC from, say, three years ago which is often close to zero , and compare that to what you can get for your 3-year-old Mac. We tried shopping for a PC just to compare, and after about 15 minutes our eyes glazed over.

Those same people often get frustrated that if you want to run the Mac OS, your choices are essentially limited to Apple, and then the limited choices they give you within that. In general, when Apple makes assumptions with its software, it gets it right, Microsoft often gets it wrong. Most often, however, it just gets annoying. Most people spend more time undoing the presumptions than benefitting by them… Microsoft is just horrible at getting in the way. While this has changed just a little as Apple has gained ground on Microsoft, Mac users are still living in relative bliss with the lack of viruses, spyware and malware.

Apple is further assisting with backing up with the utilization of iCloud, something especially appreciated in this age of people using multiple devices, such as the iPhone and iPad.