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But still excel continuously executes the query and doesn't stop.

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I need to press 'Esc' and 'Debug' in order to stop it. Any suggestions? Looks like Excel has a single Pivot cache for all 5 charts from a single sheet. Thus I used a single line of code to refresh the pivot cache. Can you please confirm if this is correct? I think the continuous execution of the query has stopped for some reason and it works fine now. Thank you very much. Hi Oscar, Thanks for your postings, I hv used this short sub-routine and it works. My problem starts only when i applied a sort order in Descending Order on the first column of my pivot table that contains a date.

Everytime that a new data is added on the source sheet, my sort order in the pivot table scrambled and out of order. Can you add on above sub routine code something that when data refreshes, the sort order refreshes also to DESC order? I tried adding dates in excel the dates are not out of order. But this macro should do it:. Thanks a lot for all the useful information you provide here. I downloaded your example file and it worked, although it says on the top it runs in [Compatibility Mode].

Now I don't manage to get the code executed in my orginal file.

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I even copied your worksheets into my Excel file, and then the automatic update stops to work again. Am I right assuming that nothing with the code is wrong, but some settings in my Excel prevent it from running the code? Any help where I could look is highly appreciated! I assume you have other names? Worksheets "Pivot table". Hi Oscar, yes I did.

I also copied the tabs from your example workbook into my file, they stopped to work too. So must be a problem with my workbook settings? But it is a macro enabled xlsm-file?

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I am obviously clueless! Hi Oscar!

How to create a Pivot Table on a Mac in Microsoft Excel 2016

This is really helpful. I have one question though.

Pivot Table (Mac)

How do you tweak the codes when the source data is stored in a separate workbook? Thanks a lot for your help! I already got this to work in some of my routine jobs! I'm searching your site for other things that can help me more. Great job for you! Hi Oscar, Good day. Hi Oscar. You little genius you. Thank you so much, exactly what I wanted Mac 11 User. Have a pvot table for monthly reporting of sales made by each sales paerson.

Data is generated from a SQL quarry, capture the data and recreat the the table of report by pasting is to Excel. This done every month, I wonder if this table can be made dinamic so that it can pull the data each month from the quarry? Regards, G. I have 6 weekly reports that I have to create about pivot tables for each, each week. I can send a copy of the file, if you would like to take a look at it.

Can you help me please? The code works while i am in the sheet however once I save, exit, then reopen the sheet - the refresh no longer works I am unsure what is going on. Can you help? Hi Oscar, I have the following issues. Any suggestions.

MS Excel for Mac: Sort pivot table results

Problem :. Kindly let me know of any specific formula e that I can use. Thanks so much. It did not work the first few times I saved it that way Thank you.. Thanks very much!

Torri, Amit and Luch. Thanks for commenting! Works great! I have two questions though:. Every time I change data in the 'data' sheet, excel demands confirmation to replace the contents of the destination cell in the sheet containing the pivot tables. Any way to bypass this? I noticed your example does not seek confirmation, so I know it's possible. Is there any way to protect the sheet with the pivot tables from end users manually changing data within the pivot tables and still allow them to be refreshed? Thanks in advance!

The Data I am pulling from is:. This was my instructions:. I need them placed into graphs showing the time line from to present. We need to measure three areas on a monthly bases; frequency of events, total amount of claim for the month and unit count for the moth. I need it in a three bar graph and line chart with three spate lines for each measurement. I am looking for a code to refresh my data from ODBC on the first day of the month by 4 a. I have VBA code to refresh Pivot Table that works wonderfully except loosing some center text and a few boundary lines.

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Now I would like to insert code to Refresh the sheet when it is protected via a macro button placed on the protected pivot table sheet. Code installed that works for refresh follows:. On Error Resume Next Application.