Cisco ip phone mac address serial number

How do I find the MAC address of my Cisco desk phone?

Or you can make a donation to support us. Thank you! It also allows you to find MAC address records according to the company name. This tool support most of the common formats such as fa-c2-bf-d5, fa:c2:bf:d5, If you want to find a list of MAC address prefixes based on the manufacturer, simply enter the full or part of the company name, for example, apple or Apple Computer, Inc.

The string entered into the tool is case-insensitive.

How to Change IP OF CISCO 7942g phone - IP Address - Cisco - Network Configuration

MAC address MAC address Media Access Control address is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on the physical network segment. It usually encodes the manufacturer's registered identification number.

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You can use the tool and please provide me a feedback on the tool. It will give you the info you are looking for.

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Let me know the results.! I get a Visual Basic run time error that will not let me proceed. It said the sheet name is invalid. Hey Bill, Apologize for late reply, i overlooked the comments. Please do not change the Excel Sheet File name and Tab name.

Cisco Serial Number Validation

Thanks in advance, Oregonsv. Hi Orellana, There are two different tools you are looking at from two different links 1. It will give you the results. But there are some limitations as it wont give you info for 78xx or 88xx series IP Phones.

When using this tool, please ensure that macros are enabled. Also make sure you do not change the File name and Tab name. Hope this helps!

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  5. Thanks again, Orellana. Sorry, I got the tool. Thanks for your support.

    About MAC Address Lookup

    Anyways just to let you know that from a range of 50, I just got like 7 correct the others gives the following information. Thanks for your effort and for trying to make us the life easier. Hi — i download the.