Young blood lyrics mac demarco

He is constantly happy, he is funny, he is in love and he is a master at making off-kilter slacker pop. Mac recently settled down to watch the movie Young Blood whilst devouring some Pepperoni Pizza, and for dessert he churned out a new tune.

Young Blood by Mac DeMarco

What a hero. It is stunningly effective in whetting the appetite ahead of the double release this autumn. It navigates every confusing twist and turn beautifully, like a ball of thread unfurling in a maze, perhaps.


The upcoming record, due 17th September, is full of promise. Not only does he fill on keyboard duties for Smith Westerns, but he also helms the awesome Touching Voids, alongside his childhood friends Malcolm Brown and Julien Ehrlich Smith Westerns drummer and former Unknown Mortal Orchestra drummer. At times it may sound frail and resigned, but there is always the underlying feel of comfort carefully wrapped in every single note. Now channeling the staccato vocals and breathy harmonies of Haim and, by extension, Fleetwood Mac, the band are directed toward a more contemporary sound.

Screeching noise builds up throughout the track in between a twinkling melody, as Brooks drags out every last syllable, as if every word carries its own significance.

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The issue of sexual assault is one that is incredibly sensitive and Brooks handling it well from a male perspective is a breath of fresh air. That latter point is likely to be a bit more controversial than the first, but consider this: Even when listeners balked early on at the size of the ego on a Chi-town upstart who thought he could spit as well as he could produce beats for Jay-Z, or later when they took umbrage with the Kanye who spun unapologetic tales of dark, twisted celebrity demigods, or when they rebuked him only after his decadence started to fuel more explicitly autobiographical material, all of the resulting albums have been met with intense amounts of interest from both pro- and anti-Kanye camps alike.

With Jesus Is King , that reliable metric for gaging the success of a Kanye album suggests a less positive result. The big problem is how Kanye addresses the shift itself—in that Jesus Is King finds him barely shifting his musical approach. Back in April, tracks from Yandhi , the album that Kanye was promoting until he indefinitely delayed it, made their way online, and included several songs that have been reshaped for Jesus Is King.

For indie rocker Mac DeMarco, 'Salad Days' are now

Since parting ways with RCA in , Candy has been free to let her freak flag fly, but her long-awaited debut studio album, Sexorcism , is disappointingly one-note. C omposed of just 12 songs, none of which duck under the two-minute mark, Sweating the Plague is a different kind of Guided by Voices album. Sweating the Plague also features several surprises. Churning out roughly five albums a year, Pollard has frequently been accused of valuing quantity over quality in order to indulge his legendarily superhuman songwriting pace.

A long, somber, spacey acoustic verse gives way to a rousing electric chorus embellished by fuzzed-out synth glissandos, and before returning to another chorus the band delivers a two-part bridge that climaxes with a towering Gillard solo. Whether Sweating the Plague initiates a new stylistic phase for this deathless band remains to be seen. Their brand of gloriously ragged, plodding guitar rock has aged so well because it was never cool—and a few mild variations on the formula have made it work in every decade.

Perhaps the main reason Crazy Horse have managed to stay venerable is that Young has opted to put them on the backburner so often to chase his whims, typically reconvening them only when timing and inspiration aligned. So the band has been spared his various follies—the worst of which have mostly come in the years since Psychedelic Pill.

This includes particularly tuneless vocals and a tendency toward clunky, Facebook uncle-level environmentalist and political ranting.

Top Tracks of Mac DeMarco

An accompanying making-of fly-on-the-wall documentary, Mountaintop , is similarly schizophrenic, seemingly devoting about as much time to Crazy Horse effortlessly falling into their usual groove as it does to a cranky Young chewing out his engineers over a faulty monitor. The latter of these is one of the more lyrically interesting songs that Young has written in years. The album is a piece of blood-spattered Americana, a haunted-house version of the fabled American dream. I n their original incarnation, Swans were as ferocious as the heaviest of metal bands, and their live shows were notoriously punishing.

They eventually expanded their palette to include industrial and goth elements, and after disbanding in , frontman Michael Gira spent a decade fronting the folk band Angels of Light. When he reformed Swans in , their music was considerably less abrasive. Gira reportedly approached the recording of Leaving Meaning differently than he did recent Swans efforts: Instead of having a set band, he recorded these songs with a collection of musicians picked to bring each to life as he envisioned it.

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The songs fall somewhere between drone and folk, like standard ballads played by a band from hell. Rhythms plod and melodies buzz, affecting the listener physically like infrasound. His songs catalog human misery—violence, degradation, abusive sex, death—with an unflinching eye, descending once again into the gory sub-basement of our collective soul. Gira has always tried to provoke a sublime reaction, a physical response that transcends language. Overall, a good point of comparison is the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. Likewise, Leaving Meaning is a piece of blood-spattered Americana, a haunted-house version of the fabled American dream.

By that token, Battles makes some of the zaniest music imaginable, drawing on jazz, art rock, avant-garde classical, and electronica for its maximalist, experimental soundscapes. Guitarist-keyboardist Ian Williams and drummer John Stanier eventually blend those two sonic ideas together as the song builds to its climax. The final section matches a breakneck drum part by Stanier with some incantatory singing by Anderson, like the Koyaanisqatsi soundtrack played at triple speed. Juice B Crypts occasionally threatens to collapse beneath the weight of its overstuffed songs. Our preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the films, big and small, coming your way soon.

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