How to save something on pages on mac

If you want to create a new folder in the folder that you are currently viewing, click New Folder , and then enter a name for the folder. In the Save As box, enter a different file name if you want. Office allows you to save files in online folders provided by OneDrive and SharePoint. If you have accounts that give you access to these services, you can save and access files stored on these services much like files stored on your computer.

SharePoint services and OneDrive for Business are typically offered by an employer or organization, but you can use OneDrive on your own. For more information about these services, see the related topics in See Also. To save a file to an online location other than the default folder, use Save as.

If the dialog box shows a folder on your computer rather than on an online service, click Online Locations. If you see the On My Mac button, the dialog box is currently displaying an online location. You might need to click the name of a service on the left before you can access the folder you want. If you do not see the service that you need to access, click the plus sign to add a service.

If you need to share a file with someone who does not have Office for Mac or who has an older version, you can save your document in a file format that a different or older application can read. If you want to change the file name, change the name in the Save As box. In the File Format list, click the file format that you want to use. For example, click Word document.

AutoRecover can help you recover a file that you were editing after a power failure or other problem that interrupts you while you are editing the file. The more frequently that AutoRecover saves files information, the more complete recovery can be after a failure. However, using AutoRecover does not replace saving your files at regular intervals or when you are done editing the file. You may also find it helpful to save multiple versions of a file to different file names for example, after each significant change so that you can review or return to an earlier version, if necessary.

If after a failure, you choose not to save the recovered version of a file after you open it, the file is deleted, and your unsaved changes are lost. If you save the recovery file, it replaces the original file, unless you specify a new file name. In the Save every box, enter the number of minutes you want as the interval between saving AutoRecover information. Each time that the application saves AutoRecover information, it waits for the number of minutes that you specify here to pass before saving AutoRecover information again. For more information about these services, see the related topics.

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To save a file to an online location other than the default folder, use Share. If you're having trouble saving to an online location, make sure you're connected to the Internet and that you are signed in to either SharePoint or OneDrive. If you're on a corporate network, verify that your network connection is working.

If this is the first time that you have tried to access OneDrive, type your Microsoft account and Password, and then click Sign In. Under Personal Folders or Shared Folders , click the folder where you want to save the document, and then click Save. However, you can save the file in another format or change the default file format. Save a file in the Office for Mac file format. Save a file as PDF. Change the default file format that files are saved in.

Save a file as a webpage Word and Excel only. Save a file as plain text Word only. Save a file as a movie PowerPoint only. On the Format pop-up menu, make sure Word Document. Some items that were created by using features in Office for Mac might behave differently when the document is saved in the file format that is used by Office for Mac or earlier.

Use the Compatibility Report to avoid using new Office features that might behave differently with earlier versions of Office. On the Format pop-up menu, click Word Document. If you open and then save a copy of a file that was created in Office for Mac or earlier, the application automatically saves the file in the correct file format.

Save and name a new document

You can save your document as PDF, to preserve document formatting and make the document readable but not editable. You need to use Adobe Reader to view documents after you save them in this file format. PDF files created from Office are limited to printable content. In other words, if the content does not appear in print, it will not appear in the PDF.

You can change the file format that Office for Mac always saves documents in. For example, if you usually share documents with other people who use an earlier version of Office for Mac, you might want to always save documents in the file format that is used in that version. Click Options , and then on the Save [Program] files as pop-up menu, click the file format that you want. Under Sharing and Privacy , click Compatibility. Under Transition , on the Save files in this format pop-up menu, click the file format that you want. If you want to change the default file format to work with Office for Mac or earlier, click Excel Workbook.

How to Save a Pages Document to Word or PDF

You can save a file as a webpage, which converts the file into a file format that's readable by web browsers. However, the results of the conversion depend on the kind of content in your file. Office for Mac converts the file's formatting to the closest equivalent web formatting. Therefore, the webpage might look very different from the original file.

Rename a folder

For example, many text effects, such as animated, embossed, or outlined text, become plain or shaded text. We recommend that you preview the file in a web browser to make sure that the results are what you want. To do this, on the File menu, click Web Page Preview. On the File menu, click Save as Web Page. You can save a document as plain text so that the document can be opened by a number of text editing programs.

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  • Save a copy of a Pages document in another format;
  • However, saving a document in plain text does not reliably preserve the formatting, layout, or other features of the document. On the Format pop-up menu, click Plain Text. When you save a presentation as a JPEG, each slide becomes a picture. Then, if you post the presentation on a Web site, the presentation is easier to view.

    On the File menu, click Save as Pictures. To run your presentation on a computer that doesn't have PowerPoint installed, you can save your presentation as a movie. You can then play the movie in any application that supports QuickTime movies. In the AutoRecover box, enter the number of minutes you want as the interval between saving AutoRecover information. When you open a document in Word for Mac that was created in an earlier version of Word, either Word for Mac or Word for Windows, compatibility mode is turned on.

    Compatibility mode indicates that the document was created in an earlier version of Word or was saved in an earlier file format. In compatibility mode, no new or improved features in Word are available. However, users can still edit the document by using features that are compatible with the earlier file format.

    How to Save Pages Files as Word Document Format from Mac

    You can work in compatibility mode or you can convert your document to the Word file format. When you save in the Word format, the document layout appears as if it were created in Word and the file format changes from. In this format, you can access the new and improved features in Word However, anyone who uses an earlier version of Word may be prevented from or have problems editing parts of the document that were created by using new or enhanced features.

    Document elements that behave differently in compatibility mode. The elements listed in the following table might change permanently when you work in compatibility mode.

    How to Save Pages Files as Word Document Format from Mac

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