Mac and devin go to high school slow burn valedictorian speech

Invite some people over, talk through the movie, drink or whatever, and just enjoy something stupid for a while. OK, before you skip this review. Hear me out why I gave this movie It's necessary. Yeah it's a low budget movie. Yeah it objectifies women and is misogynistic. But it's got charm that all this makes it what it is: A doctor prescribed, heavily engineered stoner movie. And it works. We all seen Citizen Kane, Chaplin, Bergman, Hitchcock, you name them, I've seen and appreciated all the classics, and this isn't meant to be compared to them or any Hollywood flick.

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It's a great laid back weed movie as meandering and creative at what is celebrates. It's done by feel and not trying to be high art. Watch the movie all the way to the end, because it although it dips a bit in the middle, it picks up and is worth it for the blooper reels. In this movie there are nuggets of truth and genius wrapped within all the silliness. Ignore the people who don't "get" this movie. Zetsumei23 9 October Let me begin by stating that, despite the suggestions of the poorly animated talking blunt in the beginning of the movie no, seriously , I was not high when I watched Mac and Devin Go to High School.

Unfortunately, you would have to be stoned out of your mind to find anything in this movie even remotely funny, and so I sat through the most grueling and painful movie experience I've ever had the extreme displeasure to be subjected to. In plain terms, there is a very real possibility that this is the single worst movie ever made. But hey- I haven't seen every movie ever. There is a small chance someone managed to make something worse. I just doubt it. Every aspect is just so The jokes would be funnier if you tried to make stupid jokes.

The music is a sad attempt at a washed-up, has-been rapper to remain relevant. But by far the worst thing is the plot.

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Presumably, Snoop and Wiz payed a small fortune to a group of preteen boys who just discovered weed, curse words, and girls in the same ten-minute span to write the first draft, forced at gunpoint a single homeless man strung out on crack to edit it, and then gave it back to the preteens for the final script. Yes, this movie was low budget. But why? Could Snoop Dog, easily one of the most successful rappers of all time, not get a real producer? Hire someone with a tiny sliver of talent to do the effects? Hire an actor who could actually act? Because no self-respecting person would have anything to do with this movie.

In an industry that would buy almost any script, no one would invest a nickel in this movie. It would be so much easier to just tie their career to a post and shoot it. If you like extremely stupid pot jokes, incredible headaches, vast stretches of mind-numbing boredom, and watching a year-old man pretending to be a high school-er, knock yourself out.

Also, please get out of the gene pool before you manage to make humanity even worse. If you really, really just want to watch a terrible movie, go watch The Room. At least The Room is so awful it's funny. Zeus-ified 25 December This movie is the worst movie i have ever seen. Smoke from Hips? Are u serious? I am giving this movie 2 stars because of the soundtrack of this movie. The whole movie is on smoking. Smoking, smoking, smoking and only Smoking.

I never liked smoking.

Snopp Dogg and Wiz Khalifa u both are good Artist but why this movie? Another bad point is A ghost of smoke. Come on man! The Worst Movie ever. I suggest the director and producer to stop making movies and enjoy the other movies. There are bad movies but this movie is the worst movie ever.

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Get rich or die trying is also good. This movie is totally waste of time, energy, electricity. Lwills 25 August At first view, felt disappointed.

However, after the second and third view, I liked it more and more for what it was.. Mac, played by Snoop, has the "green" and is cool with all the stone-rs. He doesn't like Devin, played by Wiz Khalifa, because he's a uncool, scholarly type. To their dismay, they get paired together for the class' chemistry project and a wild ride commences. Big up to Wiz for doing a good job on his first acting role. Plus, there's Snoop, Mike Epps, that fine lady teacher and that blond, short hair lady comedian in it.

Sure it is low budget, but so what?

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It's going to be a cult classic. This movie does what it's supposed to do and it's got a lot of cool animated affects in it that I appreciated. I can also relate to many of the comedic subjects of the film's high school scenes. I especially like the "out-takes" at the end of the DVD - Note Snoop and Mike Epp's freestyle rap; Snoop doing the beat on a desk, Mike rapping about something that sounds like, "turkey-bacon smelly bitches" Lol!

I've wanted to watch this movie from a long time. Only knowing that it has a lot of "greenery" in it. All the while curious about these hip hop stars and their execution of this seemingly bizarre idea. I took the instructions of "slowburn" and lit up a joint as I waited for the show to start. And there was one thing I was surprised to notice.

I could actually understand, no wait, FEEL everything that the movie was showing me. The humor typical of young American teens who are carefree on one hand, and fiercely loyal on the other. It touches a deeper nerve than what it shows on the outside. A deeper philosophy than what most might be able to grasp. Yeah its not visually "stunning", yes its script is minimal, yes it has first time actor Wiz Khalifa as the lead actor, but its understated charm lies somewhere else entirely. Somewhere it should be. And that's the camaraderie between Wiz and Snoop dogg, the fun times they share together, and the unflinching loyalty that their friendship has.

There is a reason you are asked to be "medicated" while watching this short film. You are able to grasp the absolute core, the innermost quality that it has what most Oscar winning movies don't. And that is the innocence beneath all the cannabis and swears. The friendship as it should be taught by the leads, and the happy go lucky, carefree philosophy most would never be able to use in their lives.

Its a far from perfect movie, I agree. But it has its own charm in the crazy characters of the college, the topsy turvy lives of the leads, and most of all, the N. Hale college, which is a small world in itself. This movie is terrible and caters to 13 year old pot-heads. Anyways, here's some reasons why i think it's awful: It's terribly unrealistic. Yes, most comedy movies are but this is unbearable. With most comedies, there is a slight possibility that the things in depicted in the film are possible.

First off, 15 years in high school? Yeah, okay.. Why couldn't you drop out? Someone blowing smoke in the form of a gun that shoots smoke across the room is stupid. Then the final scene where instead of a valedictorian giving a speech, he raps the most stupidest song which gives teens a reason to drink, smoke and have sex. Valediction status, amiright?

Second on the list of crap: The effects. I am not a man of special effects but this was ridiculous.