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If the application is blacklisted, then File Quarantine will refuse to open it and recommend to the user to move it to trash. Gatekeeper will refuse to open the application if the code-signing requirements are not met. Apple can revoke the developer's certificate with which the application was signed and prevent further distribution. Once an application has passed File Quarantine or Gatekeeper, it will be allowed to run normally and will not be verified again. Developers can sign disk images that can be verified as a unit by the system.

In macOS Sierra, this allows developers to guarantee the integrity of all bundled files and prevent attackers from infecting and subsequently redistributing them. In addition, "path randomization" executes application bundles from a random, hidden path and prevents them from accessing external files relative to their location. This feature is turned off if the application bundle originated from a signed installer package or disk image or if the user manually moved the application without any other files to another directory.

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The effectiveness and rationale of Gatekeeper in combating malware have been acknowledged, [3] but been met with reservations. Security researcher Chris Miller noted that Gatekeeper will verify the developer certificate and consult the known-malware list only when the application is first opened. Malware that already passed Gatekeeper will not be stopped. As this flag is added by other applications and not by the system, any neglect or failure to do so does not trigger Gatekeeper. According to security blogger Thomas Reed, BitTorrent clients are frequent offenders of this.

The flag is also not added if the application came from a different source, like network shares and USB flash drives. In September , security researcher Patrick Wardle wrote about another shortcoming that concerns applications that are distributed with external files, such as libraries or even HTML files that can contain JavaScript. The application and its external files can then be redistributed, while leaving the original signature of the application bundle itself intact.

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As Gatekeeper does not verify such individual files, the security can be compromised. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with the third-party extension Gatekeeper for "classic" Mac OS. Gatekeeper options in the System Preferences application.

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In macOS Sierra , the "Anywhere" option is hidden by default. Screenshot of a system alert that appears when Gatekeeper prevents an application from running, because it was not signed by an Apple certified developer.

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About Gatekeeper". February 13, Retrieved June 18, AOL Inc. Retrieved March 3, Ars Technica. Archived from the original on March 14, Retrieved June 17, How does Mac OS X protect me? The Safe Mac. Retrieved October 6, Internet Storm Center. This software is available for Windows 7, 8. To download previous versions of GateKeeper Client, visit our change log page.

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