Virtualbox mac os x no bootable medium

Thanks for the suggestion though.

For future reference, does OpenWRT provide the config file for building xgeneric, or better yet a collection of preset config files? The combined also contains GRUB2 and a boot partition. I know this is old, but maybe it helps someone: I also couldn't boot openwrt in virtualbox. It won't recognize any keypresses, but after a while, the GRUB menu does come, up and the system boots. It appears fully usable afterwards i.

I updated the wiki page so as to reflect my experiences with CC. My guess would be that AA and BB won't see too many new installs these days, in VMs or otherwise; also, it seems that they will work out of the box now anyway. Unfortunately, the char change log on the wiki was too short to document everything.

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Last edited by Beeblebrox on 28 May , I'd try to build a vdi image directly Last edited by nebbia88 on 28 May , GRUB loading, please wait I just wiped everything and started from scratch. Must have missed a step somewhere. I DID have to delete the. Just edited the name.

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After a number of failed attempts and re-reading the instructions, starting from scratch was a big part of the success for me. Glad you got it to work.

حل مشكلة VirtualBox / Fatal:no bootable medium found!System halted

Advanced Apple Debugging. That seems to give the same message when booting the VM through Virtual Box. System halted. Did you get the VirtualBox installed OK? A permission override involved in that process. I missed a step or two the first many times I tried this.

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At what point are you removing the. Somewhere within the terminal commands?

The Virtual Box install should be ok. I run a Windows VM on there all the time. This topic was automatically closed after days. New replies are no longer allowed.